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BY guitartech
Diplomats were a brand of Aria Instrument company back in the 60's that would make and tailor cheap guitar lines to the countrys that were buying them.. Robert smith for years made famous the Fender Jazzmaster in his recordings and live sets. but when you look closey and read a little about the band. he had a diplomat pickup fitted between the pickups in the JM and for years has just been using that sound up until he started messing around with other guitar brands..
I have had several Diplomats myself over the years and worked on several that have come thru my business for repair or hot rodding.. some are better than others.. and a few are really classics in there own right. but it was an Aria Brand.. Hope this helps you out..
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My first electric was a Diplomat Custom bought with the ill-gotten gains from working the school holidays at Corbans vineyards in 1967-8.
I got it from Lewis Eadys in Queen Street. It was a strange strat copy, 3 chrome pichups in a chrome sratchplate, sunburst, hopeless tremelo arm
but with a good neck. i scrapped the pickups and scratchplate and made my own with a couple of humbuckers that made the guitar roar thru my jansen75 bassman. I still have this guitar! i will post a piccy once I figure out how to do it. My mate rockin' roger white and I used to live with a big bunch of crazed hippies at the end of Jubilee Ave on North Head. We would hold parties and entertain the Carmel college schoolgirls with our take on Krautrock (tape delay and home mae fuzz box).
Anyone else got an original unmodified version. I wish i had kept the bits!
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BY smallface
sgt mukuzi wrote:yea man the guitar that SRV bought here in new zealand
its a solid axe, nice fat neck one piece with skunk stripe
i know a guy in hamilton has one, i have one and srv had one
any more out there :?:

Last time I was in Cadenza (about 6 months ago I think), Eddie had a Diplomat Strat (Mother of Pearl inlay), natural finish, maple neck which just happened to be my first ever electric guitar. It was a nice gat.
Told him this and he upped the price. :lol:
I Bought one off a friends dad the other day, Im building a gilmour setup using it. the bridge is rugged as anything, it does need a refret so im looking at spending around 600-700 on a refret a repaint a new scratch plate and new electronics. Its 3 way pickup selector and it has a killswitch. excellent neck will need shimming probably. I estimate it to be around 20 years old maybe a little more.
JimiC wrote:I Bought one off a friends dad the other day, Im building a gilmour setup using it. im looking at spending around 600-700

JimiC wrote:a bad idea? haha its my project guitar id love to hear opinions.

Nah, as long as the neck floats your boat...I think you'll find it might cost you more than you think to Gilmour it. $700 might just cover a refret and paint job...but there's still pickups ($300ish) electronics ($100ish) a good setup ($100ish) you could get a decent mexi strat for less with most of the work done.
My first ever electric was a Diplomat SG; bought from Beggs in Hawera. I really have no idea if it was a good guitar or not and can't remember what happened to it.
The Diplomat badge was nailed on. I never thought to look if there was another logo underneath. Probably something like Gibson. :P
Hi, I just recently inherited a Diplomat badged guitar from my late grandmother. I haven’t been able to find any info on it until now so thanks. hopefully you can identify what exactly it is, I don’t know much about guitars as I’ve been more into the drums until now. Any info is appreciated
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my first electric, a Diplomat "SG" copy. - bought from Elaine Moody's (Charlie Jemmet was the salesman). $120.00 brand new with case.

Check out the Marvic 50 head...god I wish I had kept that.
Sharp eyes might recognise Allan Catermole on drums and Lance Parkyn on bass (Bon Marche).
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Moi in the '60s Diplomat bass
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