I need a budget FR?

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I need a budget FR?

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Times are SO different from when I was a kid, I dont think we even had double locking trems then haha. I remember picking up a bigsby and thinking wow this thing is smooth.

Anyhoo, my understanding is Floyd Rose has pulled all manufacturing back in house, even if it says special etc. The reason being some of the crud metal used gave the product a bad name.

Add to that guitars mass production has "past participle of get" better quality and cheaper.

I think they still want to play pentatonic rock stuff not just shred.

I was saying the RG470AHM which is just gorgeous to look at, but the 370ahmz has the better edge 2 trem. same bodies and necks.

Stunner though https://www.musicstore.de/INTERSHOP/sta ... -Body2.jpg

But I think the 43mm nut, slim neck and wide (flat) radius is not really right. And Ive had RG's before and not really gelled with them.

Squier Cont FR HH
JS32 for the win (love the compound radius, something for everybody in it)
Kramer Assault SC FR
Harley Benton Fusion-III HH FR Roasted FBB Trans Flamed Bengal Burst

Those are all around the $600-800 mark, in NZ, the HB $800 imported but it has a FR 1000, a wicked flame maple top, and they have mastered the roasted maple necks imo, they look incredible and the 2 year reviews are backing it up. I love the feel of that slim C they use, Blacksmith stainless steel fretwire, the baked maple looks so good, 12" radius, 42mm nut, 20-22mm 1-12fret depth, its just so versatile and strong. But, $800 and having to wait 7 days for UPS.

Needs to do everything from blues to shred and maybe a bit of play with the FR when nobody is watching haha.

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