NGD: Ibanez SZ320MH

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NGD: Ibanez SZ320MH

Post by vintage52 »

SZ320MH.JPG (32.43 KiB) Viewed 341 times
A generic pic from the web but that's pretty much it.

Few more battle scars.

Was choking up at the 11th to 14th frets on strings 1 and 2 but the bridge is soooo easy to adjust that issue has gone away.

The original pickups are nice......real warm in the neck and plenty of bite in the bridge without being too harsh.

Middle position turns on inner pickups of each HB so real easy to get a tone close to a tele in the middle position.

Interplay with the 2 volumes when in the middle offers up some real nice tones!

It's a solid beast.

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Re: NGD: Ibanez SZ320MH

Post by mrmofo »

I really liked these guitars when they came out. Played a blingy one in Australia last time i was there.
At the time I thought they would be the next big thing. Seems like a great sleeper guitar to me.

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Re: NGD: Ibanez SZ320MH

Post by moliere »

I have a black SZ320, I did end up swapping pickups out for my partners preference, but it plays nice, always been real solid.

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