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Sell all if not most of it and get yourself a few high end ones like a Xotic Strat, Suhr Classic Antique with roasted maple neck, keep the Grant JM, 1 super Strat, and that would be plenty, IMO you can have dozens of partscasters and it will not motivate you to caress/abuse/play it as much as a classy high end Strat/Tele/JM/etc

Unless of course you just wanna be a collector then you’re excelling in that :mrgreen:
Amazing guitars great job. PM me if you have a spare 5 way strat switch of good quality you need to get rid of.

I got into working on guitars in a big way last year, and this year it's all about playing and improving my playing, but I'll miss the fun of working on guitars for sure.
AiRdAd wrote:
chur wrote:Liking that scalloped neck one, and the single bucket gat..

The neck is a Japanese fender one with a 'V' profile. The combination of the 'V' and the scalloping makes it really easy to get your hand around the neck. A couple of years ago, Slowy tried it and absolutely loved it - I though it was the beginning of a promising metal career for him, but alas, I was wrong.

True that; it was a real surprise to me how well I got on with it. But Metal? I have slow fingers.

You're not stupid by the way; you like tinkering and putting combinations together. Nothing wrong with that at all. :D

But are you brave enough to post a pic of the amp and pedal corner?
Bg wrote:I'm ambivalent, but if you have a nice forum LP I'm sure we could come to some sort of arrangement involving kidneys and 36 monthly payments......

A payment every 36 months is going to take you a while to pay it off.
AiRdAd wrote:If you gave me a choice between playing a guitar and working on one for the afternoon, I'd choose working on one.

It's totally out of hand eh!

What's worse is I'm hardly getting a chance to play one. I work 60-ish hours a week, do my sport 3/4 times a week, walk the dog every day, coach all my daughters sports teams, and do her other out of school activities. By the time I do that, I'm really tired. I literally don't even feel like picking up a guitar. So I'm literally hardly touching them now.

If tinkering and/or just-owning them - to no other detriment in your life - is giving you more joy than playing, and/or time to play, there's no need to feel guilt. Reframe your guitars as your 'art collection' until time permits them being instruments more often.
Bg wrote:The sad part is, that we know you'll sell less than 0.1% of this and continue to collect bits..... :P

You're totally right!!! - but I'm going to make a concerted effort not to do that this time :-)
Lyle wrote:
AiRdAd wrote:I'm going to put a Floyd on the Sunburst body with blue paint, and will put the Musikraft neck on it, and go H/S/S.
Oh man. That will be great!

Thanks - I've got high hopes for it :-)
Thanks for all of the comments guys. At the moment, I'm changing things up with the strats and trying the ash seafoam green body with the maple neck off the cherry radian tele. Also dropping the Apache 50's style pickups in it too. It sounds really bright acoustically, so not sure if that is a good thing or not?