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BY jvpp
Did he use it on any of the DD songs?
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jvpp wrote:Did he use it on any of the DD songs?

For the majority of them he used aria. Wheres smallface when you need him? Dave is the true Taylor aficionado!

He recently moved to peavey cirrus, must have got a better deal! And he reckons they're as good as the old Aria SB1000.

And if you want something a bit special, this one is a bargain at the clearance price... ... ition.html
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BY k1w1
A week or so back I got sick of the gold knobs and replaced them with black speed knobs. Really big improvement.

ImageIMG_1944 by Laurie Franks, on Flickr

ImageIMG_1946 by Laurie Franks, on Flickr

I have some top hats with silver inserts coming for another guitar so may see what they look like, but so far this looks good.

I have to say I am loving this guitar, it plays so easy.