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I was wondering if you could go back in time and could tell yourself what to buy as a first guitar under $1,000 what would you get?

I think I'd get this ... 9ca667-009

91 Les Paul Studio, I think it's a lot of guitar for the money and more likely to sound good through all the other cheap gear I'd probably have to go with it, than other designs and it would hold it's value pretty good being a Les Paul so easy to off load for the same price when it came to upgrade. Anyway I was looking on trademe saw it and thought I'd get that if I was a young buck just getting started and the fact it's heavy would mean I'd appreciate the light weight future guitars I'd upgrade to in the future.
I started with an used Fender AmStd Tele which was $1k.
jeremyb wrote:
Bg wrote:
jeremyb wrote:MIM Tele and upgrade the pickups and tuners.

so... plus $1000?

Could easily do it for a thou!

show me :) trademe etc :) happy to eat my words :)
Funnily enough, that Les Paul used to be mine. It wasn't my first guitar, but it was the first decent one I ever owned. Bought it when I was 19 or so.

It served me well for over 20 years. So yeah, I'd give my younger self the nod on that one.

J Mascis Squier is definitely a good option though.
yeah, my first guitar was a Kay and it cost the princely sum of 10 english pounds. I upgraded later to an Anatoria for 40 pounds. Third guitar was one of the the much sought after JV Squiers bought brand new from Guitarzan's in South Bank, Middlesbrough. I don't remember how much it cost but I had to buy it on tick..... and it was awesome :D
I had a Hondo strat and then a Vester crackle finish, pointy headstock job for my first 2 guitars.
Both shite.
I then got a Fender Mustang for $300. That was a good 'first' guitar. Mind you, back in the early 90's $300 got you 200 big macs, a year long pass for the zepplin and at least 50 matinee screenings of pathe news of the world.