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BY Reg18
That’s really cool! Nice to See some innovation coming forward these days. I don’t suspect his battle ship looking paint schemes will attract the more creative types but I really like the modular system which is limitless when it comes to body and pickup types.
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BY willow13
that is very cool. a few years ago I started building a centre body with slots so you can change the body shape by simply clipping on "wings" in what ever shape you wanted..Never got very far with it because I thought I am never ever going to change the body shape in reality
BY Bollix
I love this concept. I admire innovation. I think back to struggling with Strandberg's and now THIS!
Great price point.
And it'd really test good players as "it's all in the picking and way you hold the guitar. SRV"
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BY Zaulkin
I'd try one. Would be a good backup guitar really.

I admit that I don't really like the shape, but the full body one is not too bad.