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BY GrantB

Have we discussed these before? Made in NZ.

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BY jeremyb
Titanium must be a good tone metal!
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BY Terexgeek
Like the designs, possibly not edgy enough for such advanced build material, but I hate the "collectable" tagline. It took Fender 30 or so years to get that way, Gibson about the same, presumptuous much? It's not a fucking Micromachine. Ditch the amateur hour blurb and get the guitars out in hands to be played, they could be really good.
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I didn't know Joh Lang did copywriting?
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BY Danger Mouse
Bg wrote:I didn't know Joh Lang did copywriting?

Its a terrible website, with the bsguitars address, making poor bs jokes and trying to tell people their guitars are collectibles...

... the guitars better be good because everything else about the company is fucking terrible.
BY Jay
Give me wood anytime...
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BY godgrinder

This is way cooler.