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I’d like to get some opinions on this. Some sound techs like having guitarists playing different guitars when live so they don’t occupy the same sonic space so to speak. So what do you reckon. If there are two telecasters being played as long as they are using different amps/pedals ect I’d imagine there should be discrepancy enough. What do you reckon?
BY Bollix
Play what YOU like.
Sound techs are not Producers, so they can suck your balls IMHO.
Take no prisoners.
Each rig has a unique sound and tone.
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BY MogwaiBoy
While 2 Telecasters may not sound as complementary as 2 completely different guitars, that's a bit inflexible from a soundie. There's no reason why they can't improvise and use some tricks like corresponding EQ cuts/boosts to carve out sonic space for each guitar. Besides.. if they are hard panned through the PA they will literally occupy their own separate space already.

Their job is to adapt and facilitate the best sound regardless of what they've got to work with. You're not making music for them, so do what you want.
BY foal30
"You need to change yor strings mate, they're fucking dead"

"They're Flatwounds"

"What are Flatwounds?"
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BY Reg18
There’s some merit to it, I reckon if you both play Teles with quite different amps/pedals that would cover it though.
I used to get that same complaint from sound guys and recording engineers so in my old 2 guitar band we had a Mesa Recto and a JCM800 and it covered the bases better than having 2 Marshall’s or whatever you are using.
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BY Vince
If they're a sound tech, can't they just EQ the guitars differently?
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BY Danger Mouse
Ha yeah that would be a good thing for a sound tech to try with a metal band.... if he wanted a pointy BC Rich inserted where it shouldn't be.
BY kwhelan
recording you could see their point entirely, live tell them to piss off just tell them your tuned different and going to be playing in a different key and starting at the other end of the playlist anyway
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Dharmajester wrote:Have you filled the vacancy in Status Quo ?

I like it!

I like it, I like it, I like it, I like it, like here we goooahh.... rocking all over the world.
BY foal30
"What time is Soundcheck?"

"There's a 2 hour slot mid afternoon you can load in 30 mins earlier, be here at 2:00"

"Righto, I'll arrive 3:57, I'm singing only tonight"
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BY willow13
don't 99% of new zealand live sound engineers just turn every up hideously loud so what difference would it even make
BY foal30
"I've handily broken this 2 hour Soundcheck into allotted times, Guitars 10 minutes, Keys 10 minutes, Drums 93 minutes , Bass 30 seconds, then jam lads".
BY foal30
willow13 wrote:don't 99% of new zealand live sound engineers just turn every up hideously loud so what difference would it even make

A great Sound Engineer is a fantastic expierence. I truly appreciate the amazingly talented ones I have been lucky enough to work with