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BY werdna
We have reached peak relicing.

Like stonewashed jeans in the 80s.

I don't even know how you spell 'relicing' - like 'lice' or 'lick'?
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BY Cdog
Moar like ripped jeans? Never understood the introduction of artificial wear and tear. I'm not one of the cool kids, however
BY null_pointer
One plus of relic’d guitars is you worry less about bumps. I’m paranoid about my recently repainted Suhr. The ES137, not so much...
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BY WellyBlues
werdna wrote:We have reached peak relicing.

Like stonewashed jeans in the 80s.

I don't even know how you spell it - like 'lice' or 'lick'?

Relic, so neither spelling.

Not keen on relic'd guitars myself.
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BY Mini Forklift Ⓥ
Have to admit I like some of the LP's that have been relic'd to a high standard. There's a few guys like Dave Johnson and Tom Murphy that have really got it nailed a lot better than most of the guys at Gibson :clap:

These couple of LP's have had their tops redone by Dave Johnson (2007 & 2013 respectively), just the right amount of wear IMO


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BY Single coil
Did the goldtop with a palm sander and that green scratchy thing under the sink. :thumbup:
The gloss finish on it was kinda cheesy so feck it. Looks like all the bits fit together now.
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BY GrantB
some people get worked up about relic guitars, as in the idea. It’s all in the execution. Poorly done they are embarrasing, but done well, they can emulate the look and feel of an old, and usually prohibitively expensive instrument. The Historic Makeovers and Jaeger stuff is sooo good, I’d buy one given the chance. It’s all in fun too...not sure why the high ground I see on (other) forums. ... eover.html
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BY JHorner
Surely that Jaeger guy can't be bundled together with "relicing".

I mean if he's going to carve the body and neck to measurements he's taken from 50s instruments, take the neck and fretboard apart so he can replace it with Brazilian rosewood and hide glue... that's "period correct replica building".
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BY godgrinder
I don't mind light relic over nitro finish. Relicing done on poly finish usually look really fake.
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BY Danger Mouse
Relicing is just a look/finish. Fine not to like it, but not worth losing any sleep over, in the way I find much of the PRS Private Stock stuff tasteless but it doesn't upset me.
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BY jeremyb
I like relicing, I also like pristine perfection, what I hate is when I ding my pristine guitar, sad panda :(
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BY Mini Forklift Ⓥ
There's also the notion that less paint equals better tone. Must admit my relic'd Strat sounds fantastic, the resonance is a lot clearer and the notes ring/sustain a shit-ton better than my black Strat. I also dig that you don't have to be particularly careful with them - it's not like sitting down with a pristine PRS or a really clean, valuable old Strat that will devalue with each significant mark.

What I don't like is the jobs that have been overly done and/or look fake. Also a heavily relic'd body with a brand new neck looks stupid IMO.
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BY mrmofo
I have a relic guitar, I didn't set out to buy one but it won on the day compared to the other strats I tried.
I really appreciate the way ESP relic`d all of the Vintage Plus guitars the same way. same bumps and scratches on all of them, even the switch tip has a fake crack, the frets have a shadow, super fine details. so it is more of a complete conceptual finish and doesn't look like its been dragged behind the Hilux after too many bourbons.
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BY kdawg2a
I think it's funny how some people get upset by paint jobs.

I like relicing.
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kdawg2a wrote:I think it's funny how some people get upset by paint jobs.

I like relicing.

I've always liked what you did on that tele