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BY Molly
Mini Forklift Ⓥ wrote:Congrats Molly, lovely. What pickguard have you decided to go with?

Cheers Jim.

Aged white but only because I have one to hand.
Very nice looking guitar Brian. I’m picking no relic job wanted or even contemplated :)
I was going to put a pic of my Strat flame neck but won’t bother now ....and it’s already on this thread my the looks but not from me.
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BY willow13
Molly wrote:
Lacewood has a janka hardness of 891.

again this depends on what tree the lacewood came from... I have seen lacewood maple that I would imagine would be harder than that. The Silky oak I have is very soft to cut so would imagine on paper it is softer than that.

Those guides ultimately don't really tell you much as tightness of grain etc has a lot more to do with tone than weight
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BY willow13
kwhelan wrote:
fascinating, how did you learn that stuff, be interested in a photo of the tree and bark just out of curiosity

mainly from working in horticulture ... and Adrian went through some of this stuff with me

As far as the goes I have cut a few limbs off and seen the pattern to some degree, but as the trunk gets bigger the bark takes on more extreme characteristics so I am guessing that will also translate into the timber.

I know from experience that something like London Plane trees (the ones that have the 'camo' look) when quarter the wood can pretty much mirror the bark
BY Bollix
Aquila Rossa wrote:I get flame cravings, but I am kind of over it at the moment. Not so much drooling over mega dollar old Les Paul videos either. I like my plain Jane, no frills Les Paul in black, although i still want a nice SG in black or dark vintage cherry. A korina Explorer too. An ash Tele perhaps. Nah. I just need one guitar. I'd like a Guild or Gibson acoustic though, but would settle for a decent Yamaha. Only have an electric right now.

But I have decided the next music gear purchase is a new interface. I just have a little Audiobox. it is decent enough sounding, but very limited. Only does 48k and the ASIO driver can be very fickle at times. Nothing flash. Seen YouTube channels doing pretty good with cheap Focusrite Scarlett gen 2, so I think that will do.

I’m in the market for a Tobacco Burst Les Paul
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BY GrantB
Pulled the CustomBuckers in the 60th R9 and installed ThroBak MXV101+'s, double cream. Aside from sounding next level, it looks hawt!

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