Best Auckland set up?

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Re: Best Auckland set up

Post by DongHua »

Molly wrote: Wed Apr 26, 2017 4:06 pm
JHorner wrote:Audio Zephyr

He's opinionated, biased towards fenders and low action, gets grumpy when I ask him to raise the action, but... he does good fretwork
LOL. Well, sorry, can't let this go....

The guy that bought my R9 put it in there for a set up. $300 later and a shitload of bullshit about 'unseated frets' he got it back. I've since bought a couple of guitars from the same seller in Taranaki that arrived with Zephyr's card in the case. In both instances the fret dressing was as rough as fuck with really sharp edges I had to deal with myself.

So, totally opposite experience to y'good self. As I said to Matt, I wouldn't let the guy loose on my daughter's ukulele.
Ramsay is the only man I trust with my R9s, and yes I absolutely agree with all you said about Zephyr’s work,

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Re: Best Auckland set up?

Post by NippleWrestler »

Warren's got a reputation for padding out the worksheet with stuff that doesn't need to be done and also overcharging.

Actually now that I think about it I took my d35 to him for a neck reset and general setup. His quote was $2000 for a litany of errors needing correction. I then drove over to Glyn when he had his shop, who looked it over, and did a neck reset and general bits and bobs for $800. I mentioned what Warren said and he said there's zero evidence of anything he said. So there's that.

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