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BY casemysta
Conway wrote:
casemysta wrote:Here's mine ;)

Hello hello hello what have we here then... does Tim have our blue PRS now? :wink:

Nope.. but hoping to flick it to recover some funds for the Suhr i am currently importing. Wasn't planning on getting an extra one but Suhrs are my fave.

You'll drool over the one thats coming at the mo i think...
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BY jeremyb
Off sick today so managed to spend an hour or so playing the tele, man, the CS broadcaster / twisted tele set are fantastic sounding pickups, with the obsidian wire 4 way kit in it theres so many tonal options, wow, just wow!
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and now complete with dodgy caliper ;)

though I should fit strap buttons at some point...
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BY Mini Forklift Ⓥ
Just a cheapie but it plays great :thumbup:


Has a big thick neck and my pet hate is not a concern... the intonation is spot on :clap:
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BY mule
Resurrecting the thread for a NGD!

2004 American Ash Tele AKA 8502. Ash body, chunky C shaped neck with a really nice smooth satin finish. 'Modern vintage' pickups.

Picked this up in Music Swop Shop, which I highly recommend giving a visit if you're ever in Melbourne. I had my eye on something else when I picked this up for comparison, and was instantly taken by the neck. Plugged it in and the pickups really stood out over the other teles on the shelf. I was not GAS'ing for a tele by any means but was shocked by how quickly I clicked with this and just couldn't put it back.

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BY GrantB
My Custom...subtle aging looking good. The Twisted Tele pickups do sound great.
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