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BY Vince
Someone was telling me last night that I should have projections and that behind me when I play.

Makes sense, it's instrumental music, sometimes people even say it's "cinematic".

So that begs the question... what is a starting price for a projector that won't get washed out by other lights? I'm talking about a digital one, not an old school slide projector. Is there anything I should look out for?
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BY Vince
el byrdo wrote:Get one of those projectors from school and put some coloured oil and water in a clear plate. Or get something proper for movies and shiz.

You've seen my house, there's not enough distance for a proper projector anyway.

I think the proper way to make an oil slide, though, is to have a drop of oil suspended between two plates in an old school slide-frame, Anyway, that's what i was told in 1984 or whenever it was. I've never tried it, but it sounds less high maintenance than lugging an antique around.
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BY jeremyb
You can get projectors these days that you can put really sorry distances from the screen and they have crazy lenses to project up and to the side, really cool, but pricey...
BY kwhelan
yeah that would be fine in a classroom/house at say 3m width screen . entry level is a bit harsh epson are solid, you can pay 4-5 times the price for the same lumens but with networking or other features you don't need. some let you sit the projector off center to screen for example
you need small light portable, max lumens you can get and I'm guessing a short throw distance, it really depends on how big you want the projected image, there are online calculators that tell you screen size from distance from wall and all projectors have different lenses with focal lengths.
happy to help off channel if you want, let me know what size image you are after on wall and depth on stage you have to place the thing we can work back from there
I'm guessing your not wanting perfect readable clear text type high def resolutions either so some blurring of image is ok if your overextending the abilities of the projector a little
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BY Vince
mrmofo wrote:i have a couple of VGA projectors I would sell or trade if you're interested.

I got lost at "VGA"... I will google and catch up. :)
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BY moliere
I've got a few projectors from a lighting setup we used to do with one of my bands. I'll say now that it's very hard to get a projector that won't be washed out by stage or bar lights for any reasonable cost. I used to run 2 Viewsonic PJD5555W ones (mounted together for additional brightness, about 3.3K Lumens each if I recall) and one PJD5134 for some side textures. We were trying to do projection mapping though, which is a lot more difficult than onto a screen. Most of them don't have a lot of wiggle room in terms of projection angle, so have a think about where you'd be putting the projector, distances, angles, sizes etc.
BY foal30
Catapult and Trebuchet would be my go too.

If on a budget a Shanghai even a 30cm Wooden Ruler...
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BY mrmofo
anyway, if anyone wants the Toshiba I have, its small. office size, meeting room type thing, I think its 2000 lumans, would be fine for small gigs, its good, I know its history, lamp has plenty of life left. $150