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BY Mike Clayton
Saw twangsnarls' Cabronita for sale so thought I'd start this thread. Here's his (mine's below)... Image

My Cabronita.jpg
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BY Mike Clayton
Yes - that's a pretty good description! I purchased it locally in 2016 - it was a "2012 Vintage Kitchen" Gretch inspired dual TV Jones Filtertron pickup'd thing in black/very-dark-metallic-green. I did some stripping/sanding/lacquering and added the Callaham bridge, Bigsby, new pickguard and the neck pickup which is a "Prima Hand Wound Telecaster neck pickup" from an Ebay vendor called primaguitarshop (about 8Kohms from memory). The pickup sounds bright/bassy like a Strat neck pickup and is a good match for the Filtertron bridge in output. I checked just now and can't find that vendor on Ebay!
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BY Molly
I'd put a Cabronita at the top of my wishlist right now. The one Reg had used to be mine but it was much cooler by the time he'd finished with it. Those TV Jones Powertron pickups were great.

Anyway, it'd have the least overlap with my other guitars and offers something cool, something of it's own.
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BY Starfire
I believe -ita is a feminine diminutive, so a more accurate translation is probably 'little bitch'. Hardly an expert on Spanish idioms though, me. :lol:
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BY Conway
Mike Clayton wrote:Bitchin'... How do ya do those grave accent keys Conway?

I cheated and did a copy and paste from somewhere that had it on there already. :wink: