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BY GrantB
kdawg2a wrote:Nice! I got a couple of Weber 10's sitting here waiting for the next project. Now you've given me the idea of breaking up my 2x12 Celestion green and blue and pairing each with a 10!

Do it!

I was going to use an existing cab and place a wood baffle adapter on the back of the original baffle to accomodate the smaller 10". But there are issues with that like rattle etc I diodn;t want to have to deal with.

I have got a couple of Weber 10" AlNiCo Classics that I have also been experimenting with. Dayum thet are a great speaker.
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BY Sustainz
The Mesa Mini Rec. This thing is awesome and should not be assumed as just a smaller version of the larger Rectos. This thing has its own voices, only one of which, the "modern" setting on the red channel, resembles a larger Recto. This thing sounds fantastic with the clean setting dimed, both gain and master. It's clipping hard with weeks of sustain and zero compression. It's very "Dumble-ish" like that. Back off the gain and the cleans are really sweet and clean with decent headroom switched to 25 watt pentode operation. The "pushed" setting gets very British; think old Aerosmith tone or great for AC/DC stuff. The "vintage" setting really comes close to the old Mark series OD - fat, round, open. Again, it pays to push the master higher than the gain.

I'm happy to answer any questions.



The settings shown below are my basic gig and rehearsal baselines. Actually, the top row sees the master and gain dimed or close to it; then I just ride the guitar volume. The second row is pure Mark I Boogie with the EQ on my board set for a mid boost.

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*UNIQUE* wrote:I wanted to try what a 10" and 12" would sound like together. The simple answer, at least in this case is, choice.

Very 3D, the cab is very alive, plenty of woodiness. It's great with the high gain sound on the Matamp C7. I've found pine cabs can be too alive, but with the lower volume amps this one sounds quite remarkable. Feedback enhancing too. Lot's of fun.

It's pine with ply baffle. I got the red tolex cheap locally and had everything else lying around. It's small-ish, light and has sorta Fender Custom Shop amp, off set vibe thing going on.

serious fn cool. :thumbup:
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BY Thomas234
got this 2 days ago? or was it yesterday? hmm! one thing for sure is.. Its got one of the thickest overdrive compared to all the amps i've tested!! the overdrive is just amazing! don't really like playing steve vai but he's got tone!! ahh it has 4 output tubes and 5 preamps! this thing is beast! a must have in my amp collection! its loud too lol i barely go past 1 when I play it :S This is now my new room amp :D

100w goodness! Image
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BY rickenbackerkid
Hot_Grits wrote:
zedhed71 wrote:Please be kind to me.
I love this set up,and dont look past the WGS speakers...they are great!
I still havn't done the extension cab for the delta blues in the story but I have restored an old jansen quad my friend gave me with more WGS ET65 speakers(just need a head for it now)


Yes they are. Love my Warehouse greenback clones.

Me too, great speakers
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BY Timoes
Heres 4 yellow fenders in a row.
20191231_142510.jpg (5.29 MiB) Viewed 671 times
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Timoes wrote:Heres 4 yellow fenders in a row.

They're all lovely however.... :)
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BY codedog
Timoes wrote:Heres 4 yellow fenders in a row.

Which Fender amps are these? I assume the one on the right is the Blues Jr?
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BY Timoes
5e3 in a Blues Deluxe RI cab, 91 Blues deLuxe, 92 Blues deVille 2x12 and Blues Junior.
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BY Philip_J_Fry
The amp I use most (the others I tend to use, a Rivera Quiana Studio and a Tech21 Trademark 60) but I do have a few more than just them : -
Majesty and Casino-3.jpg
Majesty and Casino-3.jpg (7.27 MiB) Viewed 387 times
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BY telefiend
NAD! The amp to end all amps :D

84698511_1428448994023140_1725855878306856960_o.jpg (859.03 KiB) Viewed 281 times
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BY Slowy
Just found a photo of my old WMD rig. Still don't know how there were no casualties! :rofl:

IMGP0070.JPG (1.24 MiB) Viewed 189 times
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BY kdawg2a
Slowy wrote:Just found a photo of my old WMD rig. Still don't know how there were no casualties! :rofl:


That is an appropriate rig.
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