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BY philly
GrantB wrote:
philly wrote:
oh i hear you.

before the age of 50 you either get flu.. the shits.. headaches...maybe a broken bone....after 50 you get all sorts of weird pains and sensations and you think they must be a tumour or something

last week i came home and commented on the nice smell coming from the kitchen..."are you making a cake?"... "no?!?"

after a couple of days of being able to smell a sort of alcoholic/vanilla smell i took to google where i discovered "phantosmia" which is where you smell things that dont exist... basically it could be a fault with the nervous system or brain seizures.. possibly caused by strokes or head injuries (regular readers may remember my ladder fall a few weeks ago...)

so by this time im shitting meself and book a doctors appointment... they couldnt find anything wrong so ive gone home completely dejected

on saturday the smell was really vivid and i thought i was going to keel over there and then....we were just off to the farmers market and as i was collecting the shopping bags i noted a bag of pears i forgot to unpack the week before.... all brown and rotting

no other fucker in the house could smell it!

I'm sorry philly, but I did laugh good n proper at this! :lol:

a large pear tarte tatin seems to have cured it
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BY werdna
Listening to Talk Talk lately. Life's What You Make It. Spirit of Eden album. The music lifts you to another place.
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BY MattH
Spirit of Eden is the benchmark for pretty much anything when my band writes and record. Hollis was incredible.
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BY MattH
Dharmajester wrote:My mate David Rhodes on that one. He's struggling with the big C at the moment. Stage 4 not too promising.

Sorry to hear that, bro.
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BY Basket Case
werdna wrote:"life's what you make it" - everything a great riff should be, economical, melodic and serving the song.

Oh man, there's lead guitar melody in that song that gives me chills.