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BY Mini Forklift Ⓥ
To me his rhythm and chordal work are amazing, nothing like that was comparable at the time. My Dad was a big Hank Marvin and The Beatles fan, but he always used to tell me that when Jimi came along he completely rewrote everything by doing something that hadn't been done before. Apart from possibly Clapton, he didn't really have anybody that sounded like he did and there was nobody that could play like he could either. In the late 60's Hendrix basically set the benchmark for guitarists and opened a door for the guitar to be a frontline instrument.

Absolutely a thumbs up from me, his 'Are You Experienced' album was the second album I ever bought and it blew my mind. For him to still be considered the greatest nearly 50 years after his death says it all really :-)
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BY rickenbackerkid
I personally can't stand his music, but I can absolutely see why he's a legend. Compare his music to other 60's stuff, and you can clearly see a mad genius pushing the boundaries way beyond breaking point.
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BY sizzlingbadger
Kids of today aren't very impressed with 56Kb modems but look where it got us today. Along with the Beatles you have to put Jimi in the context of his own time to really appreciate what these artists achieved.

"All Along The Watch Tower", even Dylan admits Jimi took that song and made it the way it should have been.
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BY WellyBlues
It's interesting that many people around the world and over the years don't hear past the guitar pyrotechnics but in the main they served the song. I think he's a good vocalist and his rhythm playing is fantastic. What he did with a 3-piece set a benchmark in my view. I also think his use of overdriven amps made them another instrument, whereas with contemporaries such as Cream and The Who it was more about sheer volume.

The Experience stuff just has this rhythmic feel that few have replicated. Gary Clark Jr, to my ears, has a very similar feel. Listen to his double Live album.
BY foal30
A strong arguement can be made that he's the most important guitar player ever.

Would of liked to hear him work with Miles Davis then James Brown.
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BY jeremyb
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BY Lawrence
Ive never been particularly influenced....but often thought I should be. The comments about his style changing guitar are very "rock centric" tho.....a lot of R7B, country and Jazz players were doing similar rhythm work - just not in the same "pop" song context.

Still an absolute hero tho!