Lets hear your sound clips...

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BY Ironbird13
heres a few toneclips of my NT2h, these were recorded via the lineout using a Lightsnake cable (Jack to USB) into Audacity. so not the ideal recording scenario :winky:
this is just how it recorded, no fiddling involved :shifty: :oops: :rofl:
please excuse all the mistakes/fumbles etc :oops:

VOX clean rough.mp3

Bright channel, gain just after 9 oclock, neck PU (HB from Hell) in Eagle

VOX SOG rough.mp3

Bright channel, gain at 11;30, Eagle, clean is middle position, switching to bridge (Invader) for the dirt, then click it into the thick channel for the lead (if you can call it that :winky: :oops: :lol: )

VOX D&W rough.mp3

Thick channel, gain at 3 oclock, bridge PU of Eagle

so who can name the songs I attempted to play?
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BY Ironbird13
:wtf: nope :lol: :lol: :lol:

I'd be surprised if anyone gets that one, a lil obscure....
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BY Ironbird13
cheers Kris, yeah, im still surprised how well it sounds still for a quick plug an play, but a decent cab sim would be great
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BY Scooter13
Nice. 1st song reminds me of Diary of a Madman, even though I know it isn't. I'm sure I've heard it before though.
I just think Iced Earth for the last one. :P No idea with the 2nd clip.
Agree with the trya cab sim comment.
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BY Ironbird13
Scooter13 wrote:I just think Iced Earth for the last one. :P

very close, it is a Schaffer riff, but from Demons and Wizards (Jon Schaffer with the singer from Blind Gaurdian)