Someone Stole Shayne Carter's Lefty SG

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shayne p carter

Someone Stole Shayne Carter's Lefty SG

Post by shayne p carter »

hello fellow lefties.
my home (in auckland) was burgled over the weekend and some bastard stole my beautiful and much loved left handed 1966 gibson sg.
it is my baby.
i' scored the guitar in a left handed guitar store in pasadena 20 years ago and have used it everywhere on everything ever since.
i guess my main hope of finding it is that there would be few ,if any versions ,of this kind of guitar in new zealand.
the guitar is a left handed 1966 gibson sg, maroon coloured taken in a black canvas carry bag.
it has a couple of repaired cracks running out from the lead output socket to the outside of the body.
there's also marks on the body from a whammy plate/bar which has been removed.
it has it's original pick ups.
oh...and the knob on the pick up switch was missing.
really this is a rare and instantly recognisable guitar. if anyone comes across it or any information about it please contact me at as this is a quite devastating personal loss!

thanks people

shayne carter

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Re: Someone Stole Shayne Carter's Lefty SG

Post by sambrowne »

Hi Shane,

I strongly suggest you contact the rockshop, musicworks and cash converters to report the guitar and ideally provide them with serial number etc. Some people who've reported stolen instruments on here get their instruments back when the thieves try and trade them in at those places. If it shows up on Trademe, I'll be sure to flick you an email.

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