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BY alanp

I was listening to Hiding Place, by Selah, and looked up this one. Great, great fun to play.

But WOW do those old hymns use a LOT of chords! I don't mean variety (although they usually have a fair bit of that), but hymns change chord a lot compared to more modern stuff. In some parts of this hymn, it's a new chord every syllable. Just as well the singer is never in too much of a hurry then :) Practicing stuff like this can only make me a better player, provided I don't just get sloppy.
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cool story bro...
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BY Vorbis
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BY willow13
Can I play it with power chords and ironbird (or is that ironeagle) level's of distortion???....oh and can I change the jesus word to satan and say i'm from norway??.....?
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BY hamo
You're right though, lots of hymns do change a shitload.
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BY Kev77
I used to walk past charles wesley's home everyday - tiny little stone "shed" next to his east london mission, no white suits and tele show for him.
and that cat could write a toon
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With a lot of that sort of older type stuff, to play on guitar you can pretty much just stick to the main chord changes, maybe fill in a bit (pick) for the rest if need be. Doing that often makes them sound better too rather than trying to play every chords as it's written.