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BY eastsideguitar
NZ Guitar Teacher Database Entry

Name:Ben Jurisich
Location:Mt Eden/ Auckland

Instruments taught: Acoustic/ Electric/ Bass/ Ukelele/ Theory
Styles taught: Rock/ Blues/ Fingerstyle/ Jazz/ Classical/ Flamenco/ Metal
Skill levels taught: Beginner - Professional

Lesson Fees: $30 1/2 hr - $60 per hour
Contact Details: 0210439236
Other Info: 20 years playing time. 14 years teaching experience. Well schooled in all styles. Lessons are customized to each student. There is no structured syllabus.
BY jimi1234
NZ Guitar Teacher Database Entry

Name: Jimi Coombe
Location: Auckland - Botany Downs/Howick area

Instruments taught: Electric/Acoustic/Theory/Song Writing)
Styles taught: All styles
Skill levels taught: Beginner/Intermediate

Lesson Fees: $20 half hour, first one free.
Contact Details:
Other Info: University Of Otago music graduate, musician by profession. Lessons to suit each individual player.
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BY Hades
NZ Guitar Teacher Database Entry

Name: Hayden Macdonald
Location: Palmerston North/Pahiatua

Instruments taught: Electric, Acoustic, Bass
Styles taught: Rock, Blues
Skill levels taught: Beginner

Lesson Fees: $20 half hour $30 Hour
Contact Details:
027 749 5057

Other Info: I strive to offer a safe and positive learning environment for teaching electric, acoustic and bass guitar to young children, adults and people with learning difficulties.
BY grapeseed
Name: Karl Jensen
Location: Wellington, Wellington suburbs, Hutt Valley, Paraparaumu

Styles taught: rock, pop, country, folk, fingerstyle/classical, jazz, blues

Lesson Fees: $20 per 35 minute lesson

Contact Details: 022 640 3621 -

Other info - certified tutor with experience teaching groups, adults, children and young learners.
BY Ears
Hi Karl, I'm just curious as to what "certified tutor" means.
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BY ash
How about a drum teacher?

Name: Earl Robertson
Location: Auckland (Central)
Instruments taught: Drums and other hitty things like djembe
Styles taught: Rock, Pop, Blues, Celtic, Jazz, Country... Pretty much everything
Skill levels taught: Beginner - intermediate - advanced - pro

Contact Details: 021 0264 1528
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BY DarcyPerry
Darcy Perry
Blues Guitar, Beginner Guitar

Location: Hamilton
Lesson Fees: $20/half hour - Limited Placement
Contact Details:
Call/Text: 021 905 592
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BY matman
DarcyPerry wrote:Darcy Perry
Blues Guitar, Beginner Guitar

Location: Hamilton
Lesson Fees: $20/half hour - Limited Placement
Contact Details:
Call/Text: 021 905 592

Need to give you a call soon Darcy now that my wife is finally doing a bit better health-wise.
BY pearson
Heres an update on my situation.

Name: Thomas Pearson
Location:Auckland Central

Instruments taught: Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar, Semi Acoustic guitar
Styles taught: Classical, Rock, Blues/Jazz, Guitar musicianship
Skill levels taught: Beginner - Advanced

Lesson Fees: If I come to you then add $10 to cover gas/travel.
Individual $30/30 mins & $50/60 mins
Pairs $20/30 mins each & $35/60 mins each
Group 3+ $15/30 mins each & $25/60 mins each

Contact Details: or 0274213699
Other Info: 23 years old, I have explored the guitar for 9 solid years. I have completed a Bachelor Degree in Music - (Jazz Major) through Auckland University and currently studying to become a high school teacher.

I can teach a great knowledge of improvisation/working in all 12 keys. Knowing what scale to apply over different chords or chord progressions, helping with theory study, composition and sight reading. Inspired by lead guitar, but still has a solid rhythm style.
BY Tiny
Name: Strahan Cole
Location: Auckland - North Shore

I teach:
GUITAR (Electric and Acoustic. All kinds of styles. Beginner right through through somewhere between intermediate and advanced.)
BASS (Beginner - Intermediate)
DRUMS (Beginner - Intermediate)
UKULELE (Beginner - Intermediate)

I've been teaching privately since 2005.
I play guitar and ukulele in actively gigging and internationally touring bands, including Avalanche City.
I teach all kinds of styles, with a usual focus in theory and slightly alternative bands' songs, including Radiohead, and more mainstream ones, like The Beatles and Led Zeppelin.

I have a Bachelor of Music - I graduated from Auckland University earlier this year.
I charge $20+GST ($23) for a half hour lesson. I'm open to negotiate group lessons or lessons of different time lengths.

I can be found at
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BY DarcyPerry

Released his debut album ‘WISER’ in 2010.
Co-Produced with Grammy Award Winning Mike Neilsen,
(Jamiroquai, U2, Bjork, Justin Timberlake)

Regan has recently opened for:


He was also Lead Guitarist for Multi Award Winning CORNERSTONE ROOTS of Raglan for 4 years.

Roots, Rock, Flamenco, Blues, Jazz
Production, Performance, Recording, Industry knowledge

All Levels

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BY SixGunLover
Hamish Patterson, Guitar Tutor

Name: Hamish Patterson
Location: St. Albans, Christchurch

Instruments taught: Acoustic or Electric Guitar
Styles taught: Rock, blues, pop; can possibly help with other specific styles
Skill levels taught: From absolute beginner up to intermediate

Lesson Fees: $20 for 30 mins or $30 for one hour
Contact Details: 0273217098,

Other Info:
Experienced musician; patient, friendly tutor with teaching qualification.
Practical lessons; no unnecessary theory.
Lessons tailored to YOUR needs and interests.
All ages welcome.
One-on-one lessons at a quiet St Albans location or at your place (by negotiation).
Can provide guitar if necessary (by negotiation).
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BY capt abaham
does anyone know if Dixon Nacey has any room for a new student?