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You can know more about the band through these links:

about the project:
Medjai is an Egyptian heavy metal band currently planning to be active in New Zealand after its founder have settled in Christchurch. Formed in 2005, the band has become one of the most stubborn and persistent acts in the Egyptian metal scene. The band draws on the sheer energy of heavy metal but also incorporates atmospheric sounds generated by the keyboard, vocal harmonies, middle eastern scales and experimental song structures and moods. With this ,and together with an uncompromising performance of the songs, the band makes a unique sound and an edgy stage presence.

I am looking for a musician who:
- is not less than 18 years old
- lives in Christchurch
- is skilled and can comfortably play our tracks
- has the necessary gear for his/her role
- cool headed, mature and friendly
- serious and dedicated
- has the time to practice and to play in events
- is sober during band practice and events
- no gender or any other categorical requirements. Metal has a place for everyone

Obviously, New Zealand is a new setting for me and I am only beginning to get this started but the project already has a decent backlog of tracks which we can work with immediately. Moving forward, if things pick up, I plan to make new records and to possibly expand beyond Christchurch and New Zealand. This will require patience and hard work so please only consider replying to this ad if you feel like this is something you want to invest your time and effort in.

I am happy to respond to any questions. Let me know if you are interested by flicking me a message on 0211830153

Looking forward to hear from you!
sirvill wrote:I'm not a drummer, but metal with middle eastern scales and tones sounds awesome. Good luck mate.

Don't go getting all Phrygian on us now please bro...