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BY The Scarecrow
5 piece band in Auckland looking for a lead guitarist - basically someone who can come up with exciting, catchy riffs over chord progressions written by us. Our style is a fusion of many things, but influenced by Alexisonfire, Thrice, Periphery, Northlane, Limp Bizkit, Faith No More, At The Drive In, Deftones, Of Mice & Men, Papa Roach etc. Basically nu-metal meets post hardcore. Vocals split between singer (clean) & rhythm guitarist (gritty / raps).
- Aged 25+ (we are all early-mid 30's)
- Good gear; decent guitar and amp -s you will be up against a 100w tube stack and 400w bass amp and LOUD drummer. We play in Drop C.
- Transport and ability to cover practice costs of at least $10 weekly
- Availability to jam either Monday (Shore) or Tuesday (Khyber Pass) as depending on schedule, this can change quickly. So ideally you need to be able to have both days free as we jam weekly.
- We are all career workers and do this for fun times and gigging, not a living. Keen to record and play some shows out of town, but no aspirations to move/do this full time.
You don't need to be the best guitarist but you need to be confident and have had band / gigging experience. Not looking for shredders or speed demons, just someone that is creative, tactful and maybe knows their way around pedals or FX unit. Demo tracks available if interested.
Please get in touch to audition; preference towards those who can provide demos.

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I'd be keen but I'm 37 so just out of the range
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BY dayl
Damn, what a great sounding gig. Im not in the running atm but may I hear the demo anyway please?