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BY chur
Hey all,

A group I jam with most weeks is seeking a singer to make us a 5 piece. To date the other gat player has been the singer, alas hes not fond of it and was really never intending to do it forever. Can't blame him really, I struggle to do one thing at a time...

We fit into the “Classic Rock” genre and our current covers list includes songs by (but not limited to): Scorpions, Skid Row, Metallica, Ac/DC, The Cult, Ozzy Osbourne, Free, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, Warrant and many others. We are still compiling a set list, so plenty of scope to add your own flavor, and to be fair we aren't opposed to dropping some of the current list if the range is too far out for a potential candidate.

Experience preferred but not essential. Band has its own P.A. and rehearsal facility out Templeton way.

We all have professional day jobs and families, so understand time constraints in life and are flexible, and several of us are only getting back into it after many many years of not playing in a group.

If there is any interest at all, flick me a PM and I'll ping you some details.

BY anticrust
Hi, I'd be interested to join if you're willing to have a female singer. I was just wondering how old you all are though.