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I am looking for a musician (bass, guitar, drums, keys, any instrument) to Jam regularly and also do some recordings using appropriate software (need to figure that out!). I work full time Mon-Fri so will be great to Jam in the weekends or any other days in the evening which we will need to talk. I like jazz, blues, rock, funk, metal, experimental stuffs...anything that appeals to me. I am not a professional musician nor an excellent guitarist, I am just passionate about music!! I play guitar and can also sing. I like playing originals, but happy to do covers as well. I am 26/M and currently living in the city. I live in a small apartment in the city, so keys and bass would be fit for Jam, but not drums, or I am happy to drive anywhere else. I am friendly, easy going, easy to talk with and love sharing ideas. I love music and creativity, and would be great to do a side project on something I am passionate about. If you are keen lets catch up for a Jam. Cheers Ash
SixGunLover wrote:I'm guessing by "the city", you're talking about Auckland?

We are the centre of the known universe :)

Oh and Ash(nz) get yourself over to the Manor rehearsal studio, thats where all the cool people hang out, you might get hooked up with like minded peeps there quicker. Welcome to the forum :)
The Auckland Blues Club hosts a Blues jam nights on the second Wednesday of every month at The Winchester, 24 St Benedicts Street, Newton.

The aim of the night is to encourage musicians of all levels to come along and play and thereby giving local blues artists the chance to gain recognition and experience in front of an audience, or just have some fun.

Bring your guitar, and it's probably best to bring an amp if you have one.

The doors open at 8.15pm and the jam will start around 8.30pm.
There will be a door charge of $5 to non-club members and free entry to club members.