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BY NemaTiMaterIme
Hey all,

Im starting a new band with a mate of mine, so bass and guitar, and we are looking for a drummer and a singer.
We do not have drums or a pa, so if you do, that would be more than welcome! We have a practice room at the guitarists house here in Massey, West Auckland, but if for some reason you prefer to practice where you are we can see if that fits in.

We prefer that you have some basic skill on the drummers and/or can sing, but if you are a beginner and into the same type of music, then we do not mind about your current level so long as you are willing to build it up.

It doesnt matter what age or sex you are.

The bands Im in and influence my music are Oi Polloi, Dead Kennedys, Bad Religion, Rancid (Matt Freeman really), Exploited and so on...

So if you are interested either reply or PM me...

If you have any other questions please ask.
Cheers folks
Hey, don't know if this listing is still being monitored... but I am a drummer and have recently moved out west.

Have two drum kits, acoustic and digital, and I love NoFx, Bad Religion etc. (also a lot of metal and hardcore, like Hatebreed).

If you want to flick me a text, I am on 0211523407
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jeremyb wrote:6 and a half years later, you might get lucky!

F'kin' hell. No wonder it's taking me forever to find folk to jam with. Over six years between posts. Every chance the punk band has since morphed into a morris dancing duo.
I have this visual of some punk chap, just sitting head in hands by the phone, waiting in vain for it to ring six years after sending out the advert. His mohawk drooped to the side and his will to live long gone.

so good news - there might be an opening for a drummer in an emo band!