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I love the G&L, but not the pups. They're spiky and harsh and I never use enough gain to make them sound good. (Which they do, with enough gain)

I have a set of Tonerider vintage in the parts box. I suppose I could try them.... But there's probably a reason they're in the parts box.

Any suggestions or offers?
codedog wrote:I will have a set from Player Series MIM available soon-ish. Would that be of interest?

I have to admit to being something of a tone snob..... :oops:
ToneLoungeMatt wrote:I have a set of McNelly Nostalgia pickups. The bridge pickup has a baseplate affected by some rust tarnishing, which a cosmetic issue, but worth noting.

They are vey much a traditional vintage strat pickup.

I'll check them out, thanks Matt.
My Strat has DiMarzio virtual vintage and it's a really sweet sounding instrument. I want that character, but not necessarily exactly the same.
In other words, I really don't know what I want. :lol:
I'm trying to find out.
Pretty stoked with my set of Pure Vintage 65s... Especially for $99US on Amazon. Made by Fender. Every position sounds great on the 5 way, not RWRP in 2 and 4. I often use the middle pup now, that’s a new thing for me. To my ears similar sound to the CS69s, but with slightly more girth.
I have a really nice set for sale, as soon as I decide which set to put in my number 2 strat. Both sound incredible.

Set 1# Jim Rolph 63 pretenders. (I have two guys in the states wanting to buy them but I'd rather keep them in new zealand so I have more of a chance at buying them back in the future)

Set 2# Don Mare Night flyers. (Brand new extended wait time for them and by the time they arrived I had already picked up a set of original 63 pickups which I ended up using).