Pickups, Pots, Caps, Wiring

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BY Slowy
Need a couple; probably the short ones will be fine but I'm happy to cut them.

Does anybody have any available?

To head off the Guitarparts suggestions I went there, bought 24, paid 100% of the purchase price in shipping and was then told my order was too small and I should buy something else.

I don't want anything else. :(
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BY GrantB
I need to place an order with CrazyParts soon. If you’ve not got them by then I can add to my list.
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BY Timoes
Just to crash in here on this, I'm looking for a 6 pack of intonation screws and springs for a Offest Saddle 80s Strat. Any one got anyghing or a source of parts without spending a fortune on shipping or having to buy stuff I dont need to make up the order.