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BY Voxshall
I tried most of the strat wiring mods but in the end the only one that stuck was a .22 tone cap. I enjoyed a three way for a little while as I learnt to appreciate the middle pickup with the vol on the guitar down a bit, sometimes less options gives me more creativity. I understand the tone on the bridge pickup but I really love a bright bridge to cut through and also mix better with fuzz and vintage octave pedals.
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BY mr_sooty
A bit late to the party, but for me the bridge tone control is essential. It's the only tone control I use, apart from on bass where I always use the tone a bit. I also have a push pull pot for the neck always on mod, the neck/bridge sound is a great addition to a Strat. Although bear in mind that the traditional Strat control knobs are hopeless for pulling out a push/pull pot, your fingers just slide off. I put a bit of araldite on the knob where I have the push pull and textured it up and let it dry, but the other option is changing for a different kind of knob or using a switch. I like my Strat to look as traditional as possible though so I don't like a switch.

I've never really been into the series wiring thing on Strats.
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BY Slowy
I'm seriously thinking of changing my Strat to a treble and bass rolloff like the G&L. I'm amazed how much tonal versatility that gives.
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BY blackstratblues
For me, the most useful is SSS with positions 1-4 assigned to Tone1 and position 5 (bridge only) assigned to Tone2. This requires a 4 pole 5 way “superswitch”, but being able to darken the bridge without middle+bridge sounding too dark is very handy. All 5 positions sound balanced with Tone1 on 8 and Tone2 on 4-5. You need to set the amp brighter than you would, but this improves the overall tone imho.
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BY corsair
V/T/Blend n+b, with a treble bleed for me....