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BY dayl
This is a 07 Ibanez S 320 Ive been working on sealing and painting.
I spent ages getting the paint right and then screwed up the clear coat badly .. so I just left it sitting.

Then one of my kids saw a hydrodip vid and wanted to learn some things so I took him through it and we dipped/swirled a bunch of things... then I thought... may as well dip that 320.

So here it is. We weren't dipping in a deep enough bin so I had to kinda rush the swirl and pancake/flat dip it. I wasnt happy with the lower horn area so I dipped it again fvor the hell of it and got that black line etc... weird...not a proper swirl but Ilike it.

it looks cool...I have attempted 2 swirls and yeah they both came out unique :rofl: .. I made the mistake both times of not using enough paint in the water. Am toying with the idea of doing another one because I was given like 10 4 litre buckets of various coloured enamel paint so at least I know I will use enough paint if I did it :rofl: