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Just in case you were thinking of treating yourself to a set of Gibson Historic Spec re-issue Bumblebee Caps to make your LP sound as it should by spending silly money on a pair of them, if you are not aware of the problems with them, first read this : -

There's also a chance that they have been retro-fitted into some older guitars that have had the original PiO Sprague caps fail or go bad or drift out of spec (quite hard to drift out of spec when the tolerance was only +- 20%).
But if you weren't aware of this Gibson Scam at least you are now and you can keep your cash in your pocket rather than wasting it on Fake Items from Gibson. Just spend a dollar or two on a couple of modern Polly Prop caps and it should sound fine.

Paint the orange ceramic ones bumble style and tone happens!
I feel like I've missed something!? The link is to a 10 year old forum post. It looks as though the product can't be bought anymore either - I can't find it on the Gibson website, no longer available on MusiciansFriend nor on Reverb.

Definitely a shitty thing done by Gibson but I'm sure they are not the only company who have done shitty things.
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