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MattH wrote:
LucyTheSpud wrote:
MattH wrote:Bloody expensive working your way through different strings to find out what you like.

Bloody expensive rusting through 2 sets a week too xD

Also i find elixirs to be a bit less bright, but they stay that way for a lot longer. Most strings i find lose the brightness after only 20 minutes of play or so. Elixirs stay the same for weeks.

Yeah - they're a doozy. Saved me a fortune. Not to mention time!

Especially with a bigsby. Curious about the new Gretsch guitars with a string through bigsby. Especially the new Junior White Falcon.
TBH I bounce between the slightly more expensive black packs of D'Addario NY's and their regular packs. Can't tell a huge amount of difference between the two of them, but like Molly I can't remember the last time I snapped one. Get good mileage out of them as well.

Tried GHS a few months back and they were awful, dull in about a week.
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BY jeremyb
Another vote for Elixirs, on all my guitars, tried everything else and nothing compares, altho' I actually quite liked the Dunlop strings I tried once! NYXL's were good, but not Elixir good.
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BY corsair
I've been using D'addarios now since I discovered I can get them in bulk from 'murica for about A$4 a set at my door so 20 sets a time makes good sense, and because I like a wound G on an 11-49 set. I was using EB in the UK because they had a wound G and were cheap as chips, but they don't seem to export the set I want unless it's at a premium.
When I was gigging, I'd use a set every second night because, like one or two others, my sweat ain't kind to 'em, and they lost their zip real fast!
Never tried Elixers; never, ever seen the need.
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BY Molly
Molly wrote:That sucks. Were they old stock?

I've all but given up on D'Addario too. Had been wondering what to go with after decades on that brand. Lately they just sound dull as shit.

Just to make a liar of me, the set of 11s I put on my SG the other day ring like a feckin' bell!

Inconsistent guitar strings. Such a First World problem.