Lets all drool over your stuff :)

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BY Single coil
Mini Forklift Ⓥ wrote:Dig the Camel cigarettes sticker on the pickguard, haha

I’ve since given those up, but I’m pretty sure the camel guy is still playing a les paul
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BY Single coil
Sweet bookmatched dog :cool: also that’s the first s2 I’ve seen that ... looks really cool :shock:
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BY Dharmajester
Have reduced my gear quite significantly. Eliminated all the fun extra's, pedal and lap steel, mandolin etc and rather than having a selection of guitars providing a wide palette of sounds I've reverted to subtle variations on a single theme.


Splawn cab has a Fane 12Axa Alnico and a Celestion Cream Alnico fed by Plexi through Powerstation. Orange has a single EV12L and the Twin a pair of V30's.

That lot through these.


The ML Jnr and Warped Vinyl ( rate controlled via Mission ) are in the loop of the Rockerverb. The looper goes into the Twin. Everything else in line.
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BY JHorner
Putting on a party in a couple of weeks, Saturdays practice we were all ON.

Strange feeling of don't want to pick up a guitar and jinx it. Like, nope, on form, don't change form, just do that again.

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