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Green cucumber. Ya know. Stating the obvious.

Had a couple of the boiZ around last night to make a bit of noise.
I need to have another go at the pickup heights on all 3 - unfortunately for the bat there is little adjustment, but on the up it sounds pretty good as it sits.
One of them “came here to hate the cricket bat” and was pleasantly surprised at how it sounds. I was too. :mrgreen:

Arirang will be a right howler - I’ve managed to cock up some wiring and it’s a bit clacky when I use bridge tone :problem: otherwise good.

Goldtop is bedding into itself nicely. Bridge pickup can come up a trifle and that’s about it. What I can’t work out is why the bass strings perpetually get sharper. Am I battling with real time neck bowing?
Other than that, she’s all go.
kwhelan wrote:
Terexgeek wrote:
Terexgeek wrote:A non-PC term that rhymes with "wood runt".

As opposed to a non-PC term for an unpleasant person that rhymes with "runt" and starts wiv a C.

its now officially a Good marama

That's quite a mouthful.