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Its awesome though :)
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BY sty
Bg wrote:Its awesome though :)

It is rather :)

been my reach for guitar by the desk for a year now and not showing any signs of getting out of rotation any time soon.
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BY jeremyb
Owned a few, RGR08LTD, S420, RG170, RG350DX (x2), great guitars, just prefer my tele these days...
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BY Scooter13
sty wrote:Image

Whenever I see this pic I think that the car is in the foreground, making the guitar a gigantic statue on the roadside, a la the Paeroa L&P bottle or Ohakune Carrot. :rofl:
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BY jumpingtam
Noice. What model and pick ups in that?

DiMarzio Air Norton (Neck)
Ibanez INF3 (Stock single coil)
DiMarzio Tone Zone (Bridge)
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BY bbrunskill
I've got a slightly awful Ibanez with a 12 fret tribal inlay, duncan pickups and a neck through with a huge heel. It would be ideal for nu-metal. I haven't taken it out of the case in a VERY long time
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BY Single coil
I have an Ibanez bag.
Does that count?