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jvpp wrote:Some real vintage stuff.... when the single nylon string screams , you know it is going to be good :D


Bought last Friday from ebay japan. Got it in me hands now. Love it when things sail thru customs and get delivered promptly :thumbup:

1982 vintage and phantastic condition. Will be painted red soon...
Bg wrote:No longer in mail, under my desk in office....


I'm tired of the city life Summer's on the run....

Conway wrote:
jvpp wrote:Love it when things sail thru customs and get delivered promptly :thumbup:

Meanwhile, my Thomann order that left Frankfurt on 30 May still hasn't hit the tracking system in NZ yet. :evil:

:wtf: Have you contacted Thomann? My parcel was tracked to NZ but not any further. So I could see when it was released but then it stopped. Two days later it is in the letterbox.... Nothing from local courier but on eBay japan it said it was delivered...

Technology in NZ is obviously wanting
Conway wrote:Yes, I contacted Thomann yesterday. Haven't heard back from them yet. DHL and NZ Post tracking both show the departure from Frankfurt 30 May and that's it.

DHL have their own appointed agents to negotiate the custom process where duty is concerned which can slow the procedure down somewhat . Someone from a far eastern DHL office usually phones first to confirm values etc. At least that has been my rather frustrating experience with them.
CMAT Mods Super Signa Drive from Reverb. Not for me though. My nephew has taken a shine to my Fuzzie Bro 808 clone that he has on loan, but I refuse to sell it to him because my Laney sounds good with it. The Signa is a TS9 variant and I tried to tell him, but he insisted. I kind of want it. Maybe i won't tell him I ordered it :)

Olderama wrote:And this appeared at the right time moment ect



weren't you on the book of face asking for a sub 1k valve amp earlier? why though, why!!!!
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