Its all in the fingers, or is it?

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BY jeremyb
Vocal coach gets moist over Hevy Devy, to be fair, so do I!

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BY el byrdo

Jason Molina from Songs: Ohia and the magnolia electric co is one of my favourite songwriters
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BY Mini Forklift Ⓥ
Came across this today, I can see where he's coming from but holy mackerel he went to town :clap:

I'm not a Green day fan but supposedly he checked himself into a rehab shortly after this. No shit ?!
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BY Molly
Not really how I pictured the Friedman factory. Place looks a bit ad-hoc. Makes amps for other manufacturers too.

And the Friedman / Jackson guitars in the same facility. Bit of relic demo stuff in this one.

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BY el byrdo

now that's how you play guitar
BY clubhouse
jeremyb wrote:

One of my all-time, favourite provacteurs. Thanks for posting this...In the words of Big Jim, "I'm going in for a look".
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