Its all in the fingers, or is it?

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BY Olderama
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sizzlingbadger wrote:Worth a listen

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BY Mini Forklift Ⓥ
Not on YouTube, but just watching the 'Voodoo Child' Hendrix documentary. Pretty good actually, Bootsy Collins is narrating it as Jimi :thumbup:
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BY Mini Forklift Ⓥ
Fark this is a nice tone !!

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Ha! cool story!!!
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BY Molly
Slowy wrote: Thanks for that. Off the top of my head, I could name at least a dozen post Dire Straits Knopfler songs that could receive similar treatment. I love songs that not only tickle my musical fancy but send me off to Google the story.

Don't know if this qualifies as a story-song but I like the lyrics in this:

It's a dad trying to give his son the benefit of his experience.
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BY Molly
Drive-By Truckers: Let There Be Rock.

Dropped acid, Blue Oyster Cult concert, fourteen years old,
And I thought them lasers were a spider chasing me.
On my way home, got pulled over in Rogersville Alabama,
With a half-ounce of weed and a case of Sterling Big Mouth.
My buddy Gene was driving, he just barely turned sixteen.
And I'd like to say, "I'm sorry", but we lived to tell about it
And we lived to do a whole lot more crazy, stupid, shit.
And I never saw Lynyrd Skynyrd but I sure saw Molly Hatchet
With 38 Special and the Johnny Van Zant Band.
One night when I was seventeen, I drank a fifth of vodka,
On an empty stomach, then drove over to a friend's house.
And I backed my car between his parent's Cadillacs without a scratch.
Then crawled to the back door and slithered threw the key hole,
And sneaked up the stares
And puked in the toilet.
I passed out and nearly drowned but his sister, DD, pulled me out.
And I never saw Lynyrd Skynyrd but I sure saw Molly Hatchet
And the band that I was in played "The Boy's are Back in Town".
Skynyrd was set to play Huntsville,
Alabama, in the spring of 77, I had a ticket but it got canceled.
So, the show, it was rescheduled for the "Street Survivors Tour".
And the rest, as they say, is history.
So I never saw Lynyrd Skynyrd
But I sure saw Ozzy Osbourne with Randy Rhoads in 82
Right before that plane crash.
And I never saw Lynyrd Skynyrd but I sure saw AC/DC
With Bon Scott singing, "Let There Be Rock Tour".
With Bon Scott singing, let there be rock!

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BY sizzlingbadger
Haven't watched it yet but looks pretty interesting judging by the comments.

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BY Molly
Michael wrote:
Molly wrote:Drive-By Truckers: Let There Be Rock.

is... is this good?

Depends who you ask.
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BY jeremyb
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BY Mini Forklift Ⓥ
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