Its all in the fingers, or is it?

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BY sty
I love Michael Monroe and Hanoi Rocks, this one is a new single from live TV in Finland, very enjoyable

(it was bitching about playing outside Youtube, but worth opening a new window for IMHO
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BY willow13
this ones for BG, just to show there are some benefits to losing hearing

BY null_pointer
That's actually kinda average. Shame, if you go back to the well you'd hope for something a little special.

Still, they're not the first band to come back with approximately nothing after a long hiatus.
BY kwhelan
interviewed on hauraki yesterday and apparently they're releasing 4 tracks that were done before they split and would have been on next album which explains why they sound so dated I guess
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BY Jellybelly
sizzlingbadger wrote:

Didn't I see a post with a pic last week of someone doing reno's that looked a lot like this guy? :D
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