Its all in the fingers, or is it?

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BY jeremyb
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BY WellyBlues
those who make guitars might get something out of this guy making a lap steel:

He does a nice job and makes it look doable for an amateur.
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BY GrantB
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BY Shimmer
Anyone heard of Doyle Dykes? Not my style musically, but man this guy has some sweet moves.
BY kwhelan
b sounds thin after a, c and d also
my pick clearly hands down E
then A has more bass than the others
what a time consuming nightmare that would have been to do but well done, tried really hard to make them all equal under test

youtube comments seem to most say B

Pickups tested:
A: McL / Klein BLK1 clones
B: Fender Custom Shop Abby HW 60s
C: Fender Custom Shop 65s
D: Big Dippers
E: Fender Custom Shop HW 59s
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BY Molly
I thought D sounded harsh. Just a little anyway. I liked A but, as I said, actually struggled to tell them apart.

More useful would've been a bridge pickup comparison as that seems the hardest one to get right.
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BY el byrdo

Dream Syndicate. Totally underrated band for psych guitar freakouts and lyrical pathos!
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BY H671
Good, but I still prefer the Animals version.
BY kwhelan
Damn was this guys rhythm playing smooth, his sense of timing, so relaxed that he just jumps from fill back into the pocket
guess it was the drumming and piano background, oh and being drunk all the time
those simple triad chords over a very basic bass player just fill the whole song

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