Its all in the fingers, or is it?

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BY dayl
Ive watched this vid a few times as Im interested in the pedal, but what got me was the auto wah when the pedal is bypassed. Its really subtle but does great things to the sound imo.

This may not be news to some, but its the first I've ever heard/seen an auto wah/Q being used in such a subtle way to influence an overdriven sound.

Starts at 6min but prob watch vid from 8min in to see what I mean. News to me anyway, great end result :lol:

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BY dayl
bbrunskill wrote:I flicked through that quickly, where abouts is the autowha mentioned?

Its not. Its just on. He run the pedal through a loop and tweaks the knobs including bypass. At 8min he bypasses and you can hear the Auto Q. It affects the overall tone. I didn't know about this idea.
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BY Conway
Conway wrote:I mustn't be feeling well... after watching the clip I now have GAS for that Friedman pedal. :o

Anyone selling one?

I better have a glass of water and a lie down. Hopefully I'll recover shortly.
BY Delayman
I can't comment on this clip but i used to have a EHX auto wah, and never really liked it as it was a bit extreme and not something i could really work into anything (unless you were doing U2 The Fly covers). Then I sold it on trademe, and realized there was a sensitivity trim inside. Before the purchaser picked it up I wound down the sensitivity and it was awesome. Nevermind.
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BY dayl
Yeah I've been on the GAS for one of these also. Not needed at present though. I just thought it was interesting when I listened through the demo