Its all in the fingers, or is it?

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BY Delayman
Just revisiting an older thread.

I have always tended to stack overdrive pedals in a particular order into a clean amp (i like to have a very clean sound available sometimes). I have always stacked by having a slightly gritty pedal last (pretending to be a slightly driven amp - almost always on) and then a more driven pedal in front for leads etc.

I haven't been happy with the Soul Food as the low drive last in chain. Recently I changed order and it works really well in front (still slightly dirty), and my modded TS9 for leads after the Soul Food.

With all my mucking around with delays etc, not sure why I got stuck in a pedal order rut for overdrives. Way happier with this set up.

I think the EQs of the two pedals just work better this way.

Thanks for reading.
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BY Shimmer
I've never really had enough pedals to experiment with stacking. But recently I started doing some DIY ones. I first made a very simple single transistor distortion that is noisy and gritty and not that useable (think a ripped speaker cone :) ). Then I made a fuzz which is smooth and nice but wasn't quite fuzzy enough for my liking. I read this thread and wondered whether my issue with the fuzz might be that my amp is very clean (Vox MV50 Clean).
So this morning I went from guitar into fuzz then into the dist pedal then amp. I turned the distortion pedal gain turned way down until it just barely breaks up. OMG! The fuzz now sounds rich and thick and like it is on steroids! So happy!
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BY el byrdo
Sometimes I put my amp on it's distortion channel and crank it until the output valves distort. Does that count? lol
kdawg2a wrote:My band is looking at covering Only Shallow by My Bloody Valentine and I need to get the guitar sound huger than normal. Will this stacking thing work?

They stack their pedals on a horizontal plane like nearly all spatially-unaware guitarists.

Look at that photograph Darth Sabbathi posted with its Roger Mayer, Pete Cornish, Malekko with plastic bug, Lovetone, early-DeviEver, Colorsound, etc, pedals. Like a model train diorama.

Terrible use of space, that. Stack OD/Boost/Fuzz/Distortion vertically and if you balance it Jenga-style just right, 10 dirt pedals can be turned on with one stomp.

It's an app world these days not step yoga.
In front of tube amps pre-amp/gain/volume boosting is sublime when used to enhance the amplifiers sound.

A simple db boost pedal before or after any dirt is great.

db lift on pedals like reverb, delay, phaser, flanger and compressor can serve as excellent boosts to drive dirt pedals hard before and after in a chain, no need to engage the effect channel either - Maestro EP-3 preamp & its replicas.