Talk about your Burstbuckers and Seymour Duncans....

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BY godgrinder
dayl wrote:How do p90s handle high gain? Fuzz is awesome, but do they djent?

Higher output P90's actually djent pretty hard but you need a noise gate (and the right amp of course). They are fatter than strat/tele SC's but still have plenty of that hi-mid bite.
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BY WellyBlues
Single coil wrote:Ok I’m in for reviews if someone goes for the “hot paf” whatever it is they do.

Anyone want a set of Ibanez super 70s? :D

How much? Covered or naked?
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BY Single coil
Naked. Can give you the old ass gold covers if you want but they’re not very nice. Send me a message if you’re keen and we’ll get to it.

Sorry for thread hijack :mrgreen: