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Quite seriously considering this move for a few reasons...

- More verb than even I need
- I have a Neunaber Slate anyway
- Takes up a chunk of pedalboard space for the occasional special effect verb
- Not easy to use on stage (menu diving)

- Had one before so very familiar with it
- Easy to setup and tweak, even on stage
- 2 presets is good for me
- I miss the Octave+5th Plate Shimmer - I confirmed the Bigsky can't do it the same in side-by-side tests myself
- Would give me some extra pedalboard space
- Might even have some money leftover if I sell the Bigsky and get a Blue again

Am I nuts? I've been away from guitar for awhile and coming back to it I'm keen to simplify and focus on the riff, not get bogged down in menus and sound designing.
With my gumboots on you're not're passionate and that's a good thing. But it does sounds like you're most of the way to going BlueSky already. It's only musos who get anal about the exact effects flavour they use. Reverb simulators that close to each other in type/style/methodology will be unnoticeably different to an audience. The audience experience is way more total than just aural so their brain processing power is hugely spread over all the sounds, musician performance, lighting, smells, beer, the dude/dudette next to them....not really just the specificity of the reverb effect. If it's easier to use at the gig and lets you play/perform better then it's the way to go. Without the riff there is no reverb :wink:
I’ve also been contemplating going from
A Bigsky back to a Flint but I can’t quite bring myself to do it. The only thing that really keeps me from selling the Bigsky is the convienve of running it with my timeline into a midi switcher for switching presets simultaneously.
90% of the time I use a Plate with heaps of modulation and an exp pedal to adjust the decay......which I could do on a Flint or heaps of other Reverb pedals too!
Do what makes you happy! I think the Bigsky is good but not the most authentic reverbs I’ve heard.
"Do what makes you happy"


And I hear you re: midi switching. I have a Disaster Area controller that I was using with the TimeLine and BigSky together for combined presets - seemed like the ultimate solution but maybe I'm not as tech savy as I'd like to be. Then one day after not playing for a long time, I plugged in and I was like "where do I start?!", it hit me that simplicity might/should be more my thing.
Single coil wrote:If you don’t need all the shit and the other one does what you want, what’s the problem?

Such a valid point. I spent ages deciding between the Helix LT or HX... in the end I opted for a Boss MD-500 for a few simple reasons...

• It had the main effects I was after (chorus, phaser, vibe, rotary)
• A huge plus was the option of being able to run 2 effects simultaneously
• Knew I wouldn't use any of the amp sims on the Helix

Sounds amazing, smaller footprint than the LT and cheaper too. A no-brainer really :thumbup:
MogwaiBoy wrote:My brother has a Roland Space Echo - watching the tape snake around is mesmerizing : )

@Bender ... OK let me get my head around how much this BigSky is worth. Might give first dibs on NZG before feeding to the TradeMe mongrels!

Ah pants... he'd already sold his Blue Sky.