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BY Slowy
Bought a couple of pedals off Prymaxe last year. The Keeley arrived in perfect condition but the Grand Canyon looked like this:


Getting a replacement sorted from the other side of the world........great. :roll:

So I contact them, get referred to Zach in customer service.
"Could you send me photos please?"
"Right; here's an address and shipping instructions. Send it back and send me a copy of the shipping receipt. We'll reimburse you for the cost."
I come back from my Xmas break and there's my new, perfect condition pedal. And my shipping refund is in my account.

Well done Prymaxe, one could not ask for more.
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BY Olderama
Whats wrong with white anyway ?
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BY Zaulkin

I've had at least two pedals from them get lost in the post over the years. They immediately sent replacements and offered a discount on future purchases as soon as I made contact. Can't tell if they just realised they'd messed up or if they're nice - I haven't had any other items go missing (touch wood). Never honoured my discount though lol.