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BY LucyTheSpud
Needing an upgrade.

At the moment im using 1x large board, with a PT1250 and 2x wall warts for power.

I want to go to using 2x boards, that can be combined together for full rig, or be used independantly (my pedal order and types allows this fine).


I need good power supplies for them. Can you get CIOKS easily? Im needing to run mostly 9vs, but also an Eventide factor pedal, and some moogerfoogers.

Any reccomendations? Needing 2 supplies, both with standard 9v outlets, some reverse polarity, and some really high draw stuff (no AC needed)
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BY Mattallica
Can't fault my Truetone CS12. It's powering two H9s and about ten other 9v pedals. It comes with some polarity reverse cable adaptors. You could get away with the other Truetone models depending on how you split the board
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BY Cdog
+1 for Truetone satisfaction. I have the smaller CS7, I run a SDD3000 and BlueSky off each of the 500mA outputs, plus a bunch of smaller pedals as required from the others.