Gear Aquisition Syndrome is a serious disorder.... FX etc

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Apart from the convenience of syncing my Strymon Timeline and Bigsky with a midi controller I’m pretty much using a darkish plate Reverb with expression controlling the decay length 90% of the time.
Seems like over kill right?
Never quite managed to get the Bigsky to replicate the Flints reverbs either.
As a man who has done this exact scenario twice...keep the Bigsky.

Each time I've regretted going back to the Flint eventually - having control over the lows of the Reverb is really useful.
The Flint is very special. I returned a recently purchased Big Sky for a Flint when I heard it, but now have got the Big Sky back again, though kept the Flint. If there’s any way about it, just pick up a used Flint and go both for a while. See how you go?