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BY Stratgus
So i have completely get rid of my "analog" going fully digital with a Helix now.... been looking for a good speakers to pair with it, anyone tried the powercab ?
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BY Lyle
Null_pointer gave one a go when they came out.

null_pointer wrote:Ok, had about a 45 min blat. While I can definitely hear the difference when switching speaker models, my take at this stage is that I'd need to spend more time really A/Bing with a FRFR+speaker/IR to see if there is actually something gained (given the Plus is $1499, which is about what you can get a deal on an L3m for). This is for Helix of course, if you have a HD500 or whatever, you don't already have IR options so well worth it.

I kinda wanted to walk in, grab the Deluxe model (no speaker), drop into the Power Cab then boom, there's my DRRI. It wasn't like that at all, still overly bright and needing a decent amount of massaging. This is partially expected (the base settings I've found never do justice), but the speaker didn't add sag like I was hoping for/expecting. I might see if I can borrow one for a few days to test out against Helix->Torpedo Live-> FRFR also, as well as if I can rustle up a good power amp I'd love to try Helix->Power Amp->Dr Z cab and see how the FRFR competes with a great real cab.
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BY Lawrence
Ive had mine for a while now....and I like it. The ability to have multiple speaker types available all without a mic colouring the tone - as it does in any IR - is cool. If you use the FRFR mode Its pretty simple to set the HF driver at a level that suits your ears...and its really light.
If you are into the sound of a 4 x 12 it may not be perfect...but if working in a band context is the need then I think these are a good pick.
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BY slash-ed
I heard one in action a few weeks ago finally. HX Stomp into Powercab.

I dunno, it was fine. Didn't blow me away. The speaker modelling wasn't the big difference that I was hoping for. I feel like a lot of people accomplish a similar feel with normal IRs and some post EQ rolloffs.

Great concept though!
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BY StratMatt
Not that you asked, but if you don't find the Power Cab to spin your wheels, I'm having a great time running my AX8 into a Seymour Duncan Powerstage then into a 2x12 greenback cab. You miss out on utilising IRs from the Helix, but get that magic speaker compression going on.

I've also got the line 6 L3M speakers which are awesome for the FRFR route.
BY Stratgus
Is there a big difference in running flat mode and use IR in your Helix, or loading the IR into powercab plus? If the difference is subtle is there any reason paying extra for powercab plus???
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BY opsguy
I have a powercab plus, and L2t and l3m. Powercab is worthwhile if you do not have L2m etc and want to use line 6 link. IR in powercab vs helix is neutral...only of value if you need the dsp in helix.

So, in my order of desirability...powercab plus if you have no other FRFR, then L2/L3 so you could still use L6 link if that spins your wheels, then whatever FRFR you can afford.