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BY MakoGat
After some kind of an effects in/out for mounting on the side of a pedalboard - seen lots of switches and pedals to switch effects loop on the amp but dont have room for another pedal. Id be happy with a box I can mount under the back pedal riser so I can plug cables in from the outside of the board. Hope that makes sense?

Any brands, places in NZ I can buy?
BY Delayman
Do you need a switch on it? Or do you literally want the ins and outs?

I have a random little box with three jack 'ins', and three leads out, Also a 9v in, which powers an led and two 9v outs. I don't have a bottom plate for this, as I got it in a random box of goodies in a trade. If you can think of a way to use it you can have it for $10 to cover the postage.

I’ll add a couple of photos once they’re on phtobucket.



BY Delayman
MakoGat wrote:Thanks for the offer delayman.
I found these in Ozzie, ideal for what im after: ... -patchbox/

No worries. Not to derail the thread, but if anybody else wants it for a tenner PM me.